Interviews and videos

Go to here for a video of Val in Slovenia (in English) about ecopolitics and the politics of nature – about an hour (Wonderful).

Go to here for a broadcast from ABC’s Philosopher’s Zone about Val after her death

Go to here for a broadcast from ABC’s Philosopher’s Zone of Val’s presentation to the Melbourne Writers’ Festival on environmental philosophy.


One Response to “Interviews and videos”

  1. micha multhaup Says:

    I am was reading about dualism on wiki and stumbled across Val! Now I am hungry for more because it all made sense what I was reading, it was like experiencing a déja vu about what I think of this world and all its thinkers and the resulting madness called science. Thank you Val for the explanation I was craving all my life!
    “1) Backgrounding—The master denies the essentialness of and dependency on the other. (2) Radical Exclusion/ Hyperseparation—All differences between the groups are made to have positive and negative connotations. Continuities between the master and the other are denied. (3) Incorporation—The master creates the norm, and the other is seen as substandard. The other cannot be independently identified, but is dependent on the master for its specification. (4) Instrumentalism—The other is objectified and made an instrument or resource to the master. The other must set aside its own welfare to serve the master. (5) Homogenization/Stereotyping—This is necessary within each of the two groups to reinforce and naturalize the differences between the groups.”

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