About this site 

This site has been developed to honour and record Val Plumwood’s life and work, and her contribution to healing our relationship with nature, and each other.

It also allows the broad community of people who knew Val to share their stories so we can more fully know who this remarkable woman was, in all her guises; friend, philosopher, gardener, crocodile messenger, defender of the forests, lover of nature, critic, Plumwood forest protector, writer, thinker, mentor, communicator with nature, and many more.

Please send me your stories (and pictures, podcasts, papers, articles, poems, links, in fact anything you have) – and I will try and do justice to them by recording them on this site (look under Pages or Categories on this site). Also, send me comments on what kinds of things you would like to see on this site.

Note: To leave a comment on this site you will need to enter your name and email (this is to protect the site from getting lots of spam.)

About me 

My name is Peter Brandis. Val Plumwood had a great influence on my thinking about the intersection of nature and culture, and the cultural change required for both to be protected from the many degrading influences. I had a weekend with Val in late 2007 at her place at Plumwood Moutain, where we shared our stories, and we worked on some tasks in the garden.   I have always wondered why Val was so little known in the environmental movement, in which I work. So we had planned to run courses together on various topics, including something we called nature dialogues. I have created this site to provide a legacy for Val’s work. Let me know what you think about this site.

More info on my blog site!


6 Responses to “About”

  1. Johanna Blows Says:

    Hi, Peter,
    Thank you for doing this – for Val, and for all of us who loved and admired her. I am working on a story, hope to have it ready soon, and have some pictures from high school days and one of Val in her garden, with Mark, my husband – me taking the picture, of course! I know there must be other photos, I have searched… if I find more, I’ll send them in. Please encourage others to send in their stories and pictures! Also, perhaps you could use the pictures in some of the newspaper articles?
    Thank you verey much for this wonderful effort

  2. Afeissa Says:

    Hi Peter,

    I am a french philosopher working on environmental ethics since several years. I have heard about Val Plumwood since the beginning of my work in this field, and I have been in contact with her from june 2007 to december 2007 because I planned to organize a seminar with her in France (but did’nt finally succeed to do it).
    What we need, I think, is a complete bibliography of Plumwood’s work. Could you please make it available as soon as possible?
    Hicham Stéphane Afeissa.

  3. Asad Keshavarzi Says:

    Dear Peter Brandis,
    I was reading Raimond Gaiata’s “The Philosopher’s Dog” and then tried to find some book reviews, and I finally came to Val Plumwood critique that gave rise to new questions in my mind. I searched Plumwood’s name on the Internet to send her a mail but sorrily I noticed she has passed away. Anyway, I offer my condolensce and hereby express my respect for Val. Give my hello to your friends who are Val’s.
    Best Regards,
    from Iran

  4. Rosalía Balboa Says:

    The existance of this website makes me feel happy. I have discovered Val Plumwood´s thought recently, when studying ecofeminst issues. In my opinion, her thought is the richest among the ones who tried to understand the intersection of Feminism and Ecologism and the links between all kinds of domination in western tradition. I find her constructive critiques towards the Enviromental philosophies quite important. Yes, I do think she is not enough known and recognized among scholars and activist from different liberation movements around the world. All feminists, ecologist, enviromentalists and philosophers should get to know her great work. I will talk about her every time I can to expand her anti-dualistic and anti-domination message. Go on with the work.

    Greetings from Spain (and excuse my poor use of English language),

    Rosalía Balboa

  5. Rosalía Balboa Says:

    I meant “spread”, not expand

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