Should a memorial service be held? (Discussion closed)

There is a decision to be made.  

An amazingly high percentage of those on this list made it to Val’s farewell and burial on 30th March. Some of us didn’t manage to talk together so very much that day.

Shall we maintain the booking for the Braidwood National Theatre at 12 noon on Sat 12th?

Or shall we have a smaller gathering at the Braidwood pizza place … ?  Or none at all?

Many must be feeling emotionally and practically exhausted after organising the burial. Do we simply postpone to June when there will be an academic forum at ANU.

We’d all be glad to hear about everyone’s ideas and availability for these proposals.

Post your comments below.


2 Responses to “Should a memorial service be held? (Discussion closed)”

  1. Johanna Blows Says:

    Postponing to June sounds good to me, because the travel is not so easy for us, and we don’t feel up to another big trip so soon I imagine that others, too, will have things to catch up on…

    But what is this academic forum? Some reflections on the influence of her work would no doubt be central – what else? What about the more personal side, perhaps some people may want to say something about what Val has meant to them in their life?

    Could we meet again at her own place?

    By June, perhaps the nature of Val’s heritage will be clarified, and this may be a good time to discuss plans for carrying forward Val’s work.

  2. Jennifer Weissel Says:

    I would like to attend Val Plumwood’s memorial service – is it to be held Sat 12 April? or later? Many thanks, Jenny Weissel.

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