Obituaries and stories

Read the story of Val’s burial


Look through Kumi Kato’s photo essay

Photo essay Kumi Kato

Read Jackie French’s story about Val 


Read Freya Mathew’s obituary published in the Guardian


Go here for The Times obituary on Val written by Kate Rigby

Read Martin Mulligan’s tribute val-plumwood-and-judith-wright.doc

Read Ian Cohen’s address to the NSW Parliament on Thursday 6 March 2008


Read Gill Burke’s obituary in the Braidwood Times obituary-braidwood-times.doc


2 Responses to “Obituaries and stories”

  1. Susan Cornish Says:

    I wrote and directed the short film Living On, which features Val and was referred to by Ian Cohen in his parliamentary address. I am a few copies available on DVD for Val’s close friends. You can contact me via

  2. Thilo Kober Says:

    I only found out today of Val’s untimely death. Despite knowing her only for a very short time, I feel strangely moved and saddened by this event. This is our story.

    I nursed Val for one night only at the Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, within hours of her transfer from the Royal Darwin Hospital in 1985. Val was very exhausted and tired from the long journey and we communicated only sparsely during that first night in a single bed room in the Accident and Emergency Department.

    Many years later (1995), after reading an article in the Melbourne Age about her crocodile attack ten years earlier, I contacted Val while she was on a lecture tour in the US, Canada and Europe and we exhanged a few letters. Val’s communication I have kept. Upon her return to Australia in December 1995, Val kindly invited me to stay for a weekend at her property at Plumwood Mountain. Wow, what an experience! I was introduced to Birubi, her pet wombat and her favourite spot for peace and reflection, a special lookout with a sweeping view East to the coast.

    We did not stay in touch. However, I would very much like to say Good
    Bye to Val and pay my respects when she is finally laid to rest.

    For this reason, I would appreciate if someone could keep me informed as to the funeral arrangements as soon as these are known.

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